Lmar_001 Pasture-raised Chicken
Grower: Life More Abundant Ranch
Price: $3.60 ( 5 - 6 pound average)
%> Available (Estimated): 49

These chickens are raised outside on fresh pasture. They eat free choice grasses, seeds, weeds, and bugs. And they are supplimented with a non-gmo grain ration which includes probiotics, vitamins and minerals that help them thrive and provide the finest chicken meat available. They are never fed antibiotics, medicines, hormones, steroids, appetite stimulants, or anything else they should not naturally be eating. They just don't need it. $3.60 per pound. Pre orders are encouraged, especially when the "amount available" listed here is "0". You may make pre orders for chicken, turkey, and rabbit by calling Matt Hardin at Life More Abundant Ranch directly at (443)845-6145. Our last batch of chicken will be ready the end of October. (The next chickens will not be ready til first of June.) We will have plenty available but a pre order will secure what you need for the winter.