Life More Abundant Ranch

We are the Hardin family in Berryville, Virginia. At Life More Abundant Ranch we strive to produce excellent quality meats that are safe and delicious for your family to enjoy. By that we mean our animals are raised outside on grass, and supplimented with a very intentional grain mix which does NOT contain genetically engineered grains, medicines, antibiotics, or anything else that is bad for the animals, the end consumer, and the environment. They just don’t need it! They truly thrive, pure and natural, just as God intended it. This year we are raising Chicken, Rabbit, and Turkey. All are raised on pasture using the same natural concepts. Our turkeys will be ready fresh for Thanksgiving, and we are taking pre-orders now. We do currently have some 5 – 6 pounds boiler chickens available frozen fresh, and we are taking pre-orders for our next batch which will be ready about the first week of August. We thank you for your interest, and we look forward to serving you soon.

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