Cherry Ridge Organic Farm


Cherry Ridge Farm is located in the Central West Shenandoah Valley of Virginia at the north edge of Rockbridge County. We use only organic and sustainable growing methods, and are committed to producing high quality food for our community and contributing to a strong local agricultural economy. Through our crop management practices and strict avoidance of chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, we increase the health of the farm’s soil and ecosystem. Our methods might be described as ‘Beyond Organic’ when compared to what the government allows USDA certified Organic to be. With about eight acres in production, we grow a wide variety of vegetables for all but three months of the year and a few fruits, berries and nuts. We grow many of our plants from our own heirloom seeds and strictly avoid GMO, treated and chemically grown seeds. Our farm is dozens of miles from major highways, airports and other sources of air pollution and our irrigation water when needed, comes from the clean waters of spring-fed Walkers Creek.

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